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Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.
— Philippians 4:8 (NIV)

Princess Hope

Princess Hope is the oldest of the five princesses.  She is the serious one, more self-sufficient and strong-willed, yet gentle in her expression.   Her sisters may find her bossy at times, but she is a born leader.  The King often leaves her in charge with no hesitation.  Her Proverbs 31 attitude gives her an edge when it comes to formulating ideas, and she is venturesome enough to follow through on them.  She sees goals, not obstacles, and does not vacillate under pressure.  She is a motivator and always excited about a new project.  She is charismatic and trustworthy.  She enjoys people and inspires others.   She is satisfied with who she is and confident (not just hopeful) of her future. Her character lessons lie in “seeing value in the unseen things of life” and “having hope that what she strives for will be of eternal value” when she tells the parable story of The Hidden Treasure.

Princess Faith

Princess Faith and Princess Grace are twins, but Faith was born just a few minutes after Grace.  Her favorite color is blue, which reminds us of her calm and cool disposition.  She likes to relax in a big comfy chair in the parlor with a good book.  She can often be found on her father’s lap listening and learning, rather than talking and entertaining.   She is drawn to high ideals and seeks a pleasant, consistent, orderly life. Her love is the outdoors and her passion is being surrounded by the things in nature God has created, like her garden. She is committed to faithfully sowing, tending and caring for her prized possession and wanting to please everyone with what she has created!   She is prudent and sees ahead to the finished product.  Her character lessons lie in “having faith in what God has created” and “being persistant regardless ofthe circumstances that may offer defeat” when she tells the parable story of the Four Soils.


Princess Joy           

Princess Joy is the second youngest sister.  Her favorite color is pink in every shade.   She loves fluffy dresses, shimmering ribbons in her hair and sparkly shoes.   She is a smile on a cloudy day.    Princess Joy is full of excitement and walks with a skip in her step.  She is our ballerina and our girl who is all about parties.  She can be found daydreaming about fairy tales, play dates with friends and faraway places instead of studying in class or minding her manners!  She is full of good intentions, but can be easily distracted. To her defense, life is more exciting than chores or homework. Princess Joy’s strength lies in her ability to forgive others quickly and move on to the “more important” things.  Her character lessons lie in “finding joy in all circumstances” and “giving sacrificially to others” when she tells the parable story of the Wedding Feast.   


Princess Charity


Charity is the youngest of the princesses.  Her favorite color is green, like the color of her eyes.  She is independent, charming and a big thinker. She likes adventure, so you might find her with boots under her petticoat. You can often find her climbing trees or jumping off the stable roof into the hay wagon.  She is always game for anything and fear is not in her vocabulary.  Underneath her tough image lies a gentle heart.  She is loyal even when turbulent times test her true character and commitment to those she has been called to serve.  She is dependable and helps the workers in the stables, even though they tell her not to. She can be a bit stubborn!   She tells everyone that she wants to be a veterinarian when she’s older, even though they tell her she’s a PRINCESS. Her character lessons lie in “reaching out in charity to those in need” and “finding courage amidst a difficult decision” when she tells the parable story of the Good Samaritan.


Princess Grace

Princess Grace, Faith’s twin sister, is a delight in every way.  Like the lilacs growing outside the castle walls, purple is her favorite color.  She is a “busy bee”, and there is never a dull moment in her life.  If there is not a plan, she will make one.  She is never bored and when she finds herself with a few moments she most definitely will get herself into trouble.  She loves a good competition or a race to the willows and back!  The outstanding characteristic of her vibrant personality is her capacity to take charge, to be the responsible one, making decisions quickly and without hesitation. She is an open-book – her expressions and countenance give away her true feelings.   She attracts people like a coral bell attracts hummingbirds.  She brings life, and some drama, into every situation she is in.   She knows what she wants and what needs to be done and she is content to speak her mind.  Her character lessons lie in “determining to yield to her father’s advice” and “facing her fears with grace in the Dark Woods” when she tells the parable story of The Lost Sheep.