In the 1970’s, Jackie Johnson was a young missionary mom teaching her two little princesses to read in the Panamanian jungle. Her heart yearned for material that would introduce her girls to characters, story lines and texts that they would love and even purpose to grow into.  While she had many “good” books, most of them did not introduce her girls to Bible-based, character-emphasized heroes to aspire to.  She would take every book she read to them and added character and eternal values to each story line. She longed for a tool that would give her little princesses a clear application and a pragmatic understanding of truth from the Word of God. Jackie continued to search for these ideals, even when she had grandchildren.

In 2005, Jeanna Young was in a Beth Moore Bible Study and during one of the video lessons, God told her that she was to write the Princess Parables Series using Jesus’s parables.  She responded with “Who me?” But God was clear about so many details – the princesses’ names, writing them with her mentor and making them attractive to today’s princesses.  Jeanna was unsure to take on the challenge because she was not an author, but had been an event planner for the last 15 years.  Having two girls of her own, she saw the undeniable need and decided to believe God and trust that He had a plan.  She went to Jackie and discovered her burden for godly books in the jungles of Panama.

Together, they joined hands to take on the task of creating the Princess Parable Series.  Working together as a team, Jeanna and Jackie have merely stepped into the footprint of what God has called them to do.  God sent Zondervan to meet them in an unexpected way by signing these two “unknown at the time” authors to the Princess Parables contract.  A one-in-a-million chance is one that only God can orchestrate. God has put this team together and we are blessed with a mutual respect, trust and unity that has kept these princesses real and the goal in sight.

Our prayer is that mothers everywhere will take The Princess Parable Series and nurture their little ones with a Princess Story that bears a biblical Parable, a godly worldview and a name that introduces character qualities that they can visualize enthusiastically becoming… for His glory.

Our new dream is that we will be able to write our beloved Knight Chronicles Series for the Moms of boys who are looking for Bible-based, character-rich heroes.  Won’t you join us in prayer for that dream?