What makes the Princess Parables different from other Princess books?

    Not only are the Princess Parables based on Jesus’s Parables, but they offer an opportunity for each Princess to face a conflict and learn a character lesson.  Each story is an adventure which children love to engage in.  At the end of each story, the princess has her own diary page that shares what she learns in first person narrative.  Your princess will love to emulate our sweet princess sisters who make good choices without romance or magic.


What is the first book in the series?

    Each book is a stand alone story.  None of them is “first” in the series.  Each of the Princess Parables has all five princesses in it so there is an abundance of sparkle and fun for all girls.


If we are buying our first book, which book would you suggest?

    The authors suggest one or all of the original five hardback books in the series.  The I Can Reads, Treasury and Collection are tools to help kids to read.  They are watered down versions of the original stories, but are great options for those looking for good readers.  We suggest reading the picture books to your young princesses and then when they are able to read on their own, introduce the readers and they will remember all the lessons in the original parables.


What happened to the girls’ mother?

    When writing the original stories, the authors wanted to stay as true to Jesus’s parables as possible.  They used the King as the metaphor for God.  They introduce the girls’ mother in the Christmas story coming out in 2015.  Their beautiful mother died shortly after the youngest, Charity was born.


When will the boy series be published?

    The authors’ dream is to see the Knight Chronicles published in the near future.  The knights are being introduced in the Royal Easter Story in March 2015 and then again in the Christmas story in December 2015.  The boys’ series follows along the parables of Jesus as well and introduces the world to boys who are young men with great courage, honor and virtue.  Please be in prayer with us to see this dream become a reality.


Will the Princess Parables have a DVD movie out soon?

    This is a hope of the authors as well.  This is a question they are often asked and if the princesses continue in popularity then we believe that God will bring this to fruition.