Royal Princess Parables Party Packet

Welcome to Our Royal Princess Party Event!


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Princesses Joy, Grace, Hope, Faith and Charity request the honor of your presence and hope you will join their enchanted celebration, whether as an extraordinary birthday with friends, a fancy Tea Party or a treasured mommy-daughter bonding. We will step outside fantasy and into the magical realism and authenticity of a loving and accepting God.  Our Party Event will strengthen the belief that God made your little Princess special and designed her with destiny and purpose.

Seeking to carve out a more excellent and realistic milieu for our children…these little ones that are so literal and entrusted into our keeping for so short a time… the Royal Parable Princesses will inspire and enthusiastically motivate your child’s fun and enjoyable experience.

The mission of The Princess Parable Series and The Royal Princess Parable Packet is to introduce and encourage our little girls to find contentment in serving others, not in serving oneself.  The Royal Packet is perfect and carefully designed for girls ages 4-8. It uniquely includes a personal invitation from each Princess, detailed recipes, decoration ideas, activity cards with a specific character quality in the name of a Princess character, a Princess Parable Thought from the heart of the Princesses and instructions throughout that make it easy to create an event that is personalized and just right for the Princess in your life.

The innocent imagination of a small child and images of truth, hope, loyalty, joy, grace, charity and faith are a few of the magnificent opportunities that are ours when we accept the Royal Parable Princesses delightful invitation…