Once upon a time...

There were two women that God called to write His books,

 The Princess Parables Series . . . 

Please join us as we delight in introducing our new website, blog and store.
It is our commitment to you for this New Year, 2015!

Jackie (left) and Jeanna (right) with a gaggle of princesses.

Jackie (left) and Jeanna (right) with a gaggle of princesses.

We’d like to welcome you to our blog by introducing ourselves. 

My name is Jackie and I am a co-author of the Princess Parables. I am a missionary and Pastor’s wife, a mother of two and grandmother of seven.  I have had the privilege of serving the needs of people in the United States and in Central America.  I have worked in an orphanage and taught in the government projects in the darkest corners of South Carolina and Georgia while attending University.  As I was serving as a tribal missionary and raising my girls in Central America, I would often read to them and long for good stories that would help them build their character and learn about Kingdom principles. Imagine the blessing when numerous years later, the Lord called me to join hands with my co-author, Jeanna. It has been a privilege and delight to see God bring us together and bring these books to life!  We came to the task with God's directing and leading every step of the way.  We have merely stepped into the footprint that He left behind, as He has led us to this point.  My passion is mentoring dedicated young women with the goal of seeing them more successful than I could ever be.  Although I have never blogged before, I look forward, with great anticipation, for the moments we will share together, as God continues to teach me in this journey of life and ministry.

My name is Jeanna, also a co-author of the Princess Parables.  Jackie and I blindly stepped out in faith when God called us to write the books, and what a journey he has taken us on! As an event planner for 20 years, I see how God orchestrated my life for just this moment - from the creative writing class in Jr. High to the event proposals I wrote for the entertainment industry.  God was preparing me! I have had the opportunity to share my life mentoring and speaking to women for the last 9 years.  Now I consider it a privilege to write for you each week.  My passion is encouraging women to live intentionally in all that God has for them - in mothering, in marriage, in adventure and just in plain old day-to-day life.  I have had many life challenges that I will share in the upcoming months. God has given me the opportunity to make choices and to live to the fullest in those decisions.  I am excited to share with you the lessons I’ve learned from these choices.

So, we welcome you to the blog and invite you to join us each week as we venture into this new world of blogging!

~Jackie and Jeanna

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