Jackie's Journey: Fairy Tales vs. Reality Part 2

My oldest and youngest princesses, Megan Joy and Catherine

My oldest and youngest princesses, Megan Joy and Catherine

So then, each of us will give an account of himself to God”. Romans 14:12"

What is it about a little girl that screams “Princess” at us?

And how is it we visualize “Protective Knights with Honor” in our little boys?

Destined for royalty, our little princesses and knights are designed with

destiny and eternal purpose

From their earliest memories, our little ones are swamped with a prince and princess stories that introduce them to an unreal world filled with wizardry and lacking strong moral themes with eternal values.  They are asked to define love and romance by standards that are not true to life representative of clearly defined biblical standards.  Our children are needlessly exposed to the illusion of love through the many Prince Charmings that are so readily available to our princess counterparts in most storylines; however, they are not exposed to the truth of genuine love.  Society has blurred the lines between love and lust.

They are caught in a quagmire of choices that offer them temporal values but not eternal ones.  Their personal identification with a fantasy character is deceiving on many levels because the charge to discern the good and evil is often obscured by wrong motives and intentions on the part of the “hero” in the story line.

Often the attitude of the leading characters is questionable and the continual interjection of clairvoyance and magical fantasy is confounding.  The child is left to choose between bad and really bad, instead of good and bad.  Neither choice is particularly clear, but the medium being used (book, film, animation…) is “thought-captivating” and attention binding.  Both of these goals are shortsighted and not fulfilling for the long term.

Living in a post-Christian era, we seek to carve out a more excellent and realistic milieu for our children…these little ones that are so literal and entrusted into our keeping for so short a time.  Christian parents are seeking an alternative to the present prince and princess culture trend in books and films presently available.  The reason: our worldview influences all areas of life and every exposure a child has (visual or auditory) is adding to their life experience and their worldview. 

Presently, how would you describe your child’s worldview?

Articulating a biblical worldview within our sphere of influence is what The Princess Parables Series is all about.  These books are written to strengthen the belief that God made our little princess special and designed her with destiny and purpose.

The innocent imagination of a small child is a book yet to be written.  When the exposure to truth is clouded and “synergized” with fantasy, the images of truth, hope, loyalty, joy, grace, charity and faith are but a few of the myriad of opportunities lost.

Jeanna , my co-author, and I have had the privilege of placing in your hands five real princesses that will delight your little girls and teach them a biblical parable they will fall in love with.  Our five young knights are being introduced in our Easter and Christmas Books coming soon!  Take a peek…