A Conversation to Visit Over and Over Again!

Growing up in public school in Southern California, I was often challenged in my faith in science class.  Back in my day, we actually had a Creation vs. Evolution debate in our Biology class.  I know that we would be hard pressed to find that today.  Remembering back to my time in high school, I felt so confused with what our teacher said was fact and what I learned at church.

My parents did not have a clue in this area, so I was on my own to figure it out.  As I ventured out into a very secular Christian college, I found that there were many versions to what Christians believe in the Creation account.  Never really figuring out my stance, I graduated college not thinking it was a big deal.  God created the world, in some way, that must fit some Biblical model, I thought.  I was content not really figuring out the details.

Now teaching my four kids some 20 years later, I fell into learning things all over again.  We have been blessed to be teaching from a Biblical worldview for the last 9 years using Apologia Science curriculum.  I have been learning alongside my children and discovering that my belief in the Creation Story IS important to how I view the Bible.  Believing in a young earth, a poetic Genesis or evolutionary creation does affect my worldview.

I have learned that my kids need to learn about creation and hear it over and over again because the world is always there fighting for my kids’ souls.  It doesn’t work to say it once . . . or take one class . . . or go to one lecture.  I want my kids to whine and say, “Mom, we know this already”.  “Wonderful!  You get to teach today!” I say.

We have visited so many museums and watched so many shows that preach the evolutionary theories.  But I never shy away from a conversation with my kids about what the Bible really says.  This is the conversation to be repeated with my kids.  Learning God’s truth of creation, who God is and how to defend your faith is something we teach over and over again!

My kids can’t remember what I taught them last year . . . hence, the constant conversation!

God says Repeat them again and again to your children. Talk about them when you are at home and when you are on the road, when you are going to bed and when you are getting up”. Deut. 6:7  What are we to repeat? God says learn to love the Lord with all your heart, soul and might (v.5) . . . to learn to fear Him and love his statues and commands that it might go well with you and your children (v.2).

 There are many resources to help us!  Our family has listened to hours and hours of Jonathan Park audiobook series.  I think it is a wonderful resource to teach our children (and us adults) how to stand up against evolutionary thinking.  I highly recommend it! My kids all love to listen to it, even my 14 year old son!  We have attended a couple Creation vs. Evolution debates.  We have studied science from a Biblical worldview every year.  We have talked and talked and talked about it! 

So you can imagine my excitement when we were visiting the Creation Museum in Hebron, Kentucky a couple of weekends ago.  What a blessing it was to visit a museum sharing our same views and faith.  I was so refreshed and energized to be there! And we were continuing the conversation . . .

How are you teaching your kids “diligently” about the Creator of the world?

How are you continuing the conversation?

Posted on April 30, 2015 and filed under Motherhood, Character and Virtue.