Jackie's Journey: Fairy Tales vs. Reality Part 1

Have you ever seen a REAL princess?

 Since the beginning of time there has been a battle of good against evil.  In our present day, we find our lives inundated with children’s books, novels, games, cartoons, T.V. programming and movies filled with magical fiction, romance, and fantasy with the all too predictable witchcraft theme and an evil, scary villain!  A point in fact is the new face of this fight found in the fairy-tale princess phenomenon.

The cry from the masses is met with a barrage of the supernatural and literary narratives brimming with dramatic imaginary story lines.  This particular genre with its fairy-like spirits in ethereal, heroic and monstrous forms is captivating to children, young people and adults alike.  Children are especially susceptible to its alluring charm because their worldview is literal, and this genre speaks to their inner understanding of spiritual reality.

In an earlier blog, “Character Marks the Life of a True Princess”, I talked about what a REAL princess looks like.  The mission of The Princess Parable Series is to introduce and encourage the disciplines necessary to step outside the fantasy and into the magical realism and authenticity of a loving and accepting God who teaches finding contentment in serving others, not in serving oneself.  Although written in fiction, each Princess story is based on fact.  It teaches a specific character quality in the name of its princess and takes the storyline from a Parable that was taught by the greatest teacher ever born.

All of us have spiritual needs (issues of pride, anger, rebellion, and selfishness, to name a few!) that are beyond ourselves, and we tend to try to fill the vacuum we feel with “make-believe”. We allow it to offer us a few moments of escape from the real battle (with good prevailing), if only momentarily.

Most of us acknowledge the struggle and know we are going to live somewhere forever, but have little understanding of the what, when, where, why and how.  The surge of fantasy-ridden books and films is an after-effect of this need and exposes a society, seemingly, without direction or defined purpose.

These five Princesses have been specifically created to put a functional tool into the hands of you, young mothers (urban, suburban, rural, stay-at-home, teen moms, single moms and married moms, grand-moms, aunts, and teachers) each with a different lifestyle, but all who share a similar desire to be the very best power of influence you can be! 

The passion to meet the need of every person desiring to cultivate what God has programmed into her “princess potential” has been a huge source of motivation for me. This passion allows each of us to nurture our little ones into genuine greatness.

As a grandmother, I carry a huge responsibility for the three princesses pictured above.  May I introduce you to Alexandra Grace, Megan Joy and Catherine? 

We, as women, have the power of influence, and God holds us accountable for representing Him and for our diligence in the success of these entrusted to us…our heritage.


What is your commitment to your heritage?

What steps of action are you implementing to see

your legacy live on

into the next generation?


Next Monday we will continue this challenge. Will you join me?