Life-Giving Home

2016 is off and running . . .

Have you taken a moment to sit and create a framework for your home this year?

Yeah, I know.  When?

Most of us are trying to create home for our kids to grow up where they will feel creative, loved, inspired, and nurtured.  We want them most of all to have a life-changing relationship with Jesus.  We want them to feel protected, valued and encouraged to take on the world.  Whew, how do we do that with all the running around and crazy schedules we keep?

Are you all idealists like me?

When reality kicks in, my ideals are pushed to the side in the face of TODAY.  If I don’t have a plan for my family and my home, my great intentions are just that – only intentions.  So how can we create this environment for our family?

I am excited to tell you about a new book coming out from my friend, Sally Clarkson, called The Life Giving Home this February.  You just have to read it!

I love that God has both of our books coming out about the same time and we are both busy launching what God has called us to do – writing books for the life-giving home.

I am just reading my copy of Sally’s new book. I feel energized and inspired by its pages.  The book is divided up into months.  There is a chapter for each month of the year with a planner to go along with it.  What better way is there to take my intentions and make them reality?

In one of the first chapters of the book (January), Sally gives a framework for getting your home into routines and rituals of your family’s life.  In the chapter, she gives ideas for de-cluttering, celebrating, daily planning, establishing a devotional and household routines.  She speaks my language when she talks about “The Morning Blessing”. My favorite part of the chapter is about establishing a "reading-hour" routine, which has saved me over the years!  Also I find my kids have kept the reading hour well into the rest of their lives, just like Sally suggests!

Our new book, A Royal Easter Story, is the perfect book to add to your children’s shelves for their “reading hour”. They can revisit the parable story over and over again, bringing them into the world of imagination and words, but also see an example from the princesses’ lives of a real life-giving home.  These princesses are the ones you want your girls to be like - full of character and virtue.  Won’t you consider filling their library with some new princesses to emulate?

You can find Sally Clarkson’s The Life Giving Home here.

You can find our newest book, A Royal Easter Story here.

Both inspire greatness and God’s ideals.

Here is a quote from Sally to close:

“So plan your days, allow flexibility, and keep moving in the direction of your ideals a little at a time. I believe you’ll see that your intentional investment of time will promote valuable habits in the lives of all those who share your home—you included” – Sally Clarkson, The Life-Giving Home 

How do you build into your family life-giving ideals?

~Jeanna Young

When Jeanna is not writing, speaking, event planning, or homeschooling, she can be found scrapbooking her life, redecorating her home, loving on her husband, planning fun events for her kids or eating healthy to stay cancer-free!