Everything I Needed to Learn in Life I Learned in Ballet Class Day 1: Spinning

As we enjoy spring, dance recitals approach and our princesses enjoy performing for all of us.  From young to old, tutus and tightly braided buns bring a smile to our face. Watching our girls glide across the stage with grace and poise is the result of months of practice.

I want to share with you a speech my daughter gave this year about dance.  How everything she needed to learn about living for Jesus, she learned in ballet class.  She is fourteen and an on pointe ballerina. I have taken her speech that she placed in the semi-finals in competition and broken it up over three days. I hope you enjoy her take on the art of dance and maybe think more about those ballet classes. Just imagine what they could be teaching your daughter. She challenged me and I hope you will be encouraged, too!

Keeping your Spot

Standing in the side wings, the butterflies fluttered in my stomach.  I was warmed up. I was nervous. I was excited.  As the curtain rose and the lights found their spot, I chasséd into position.  The familiar music set in motion the Party Scene and I was front and center on Pointe ready to perform.  I took a deep breath and placed a smile on my face.  The moment I had dreamed of began.  

Because you see, ladies and gentlemen, I had worked every weekend from dawn until dusk preparing for this moment. The voice of my ballet instructor etched sayings into my head.  Since I was two years old standing at the barre, I’ve heard the same sayings from my teachers.

One saying that I have heard over and over in my dance class is to “Spot!”. 

Spotting is when you pirouette, turn, or soutenu, you have find a spot on the wall and lock your eyes on it.  Even though your body is turning your head is the last to go around.  This keeps your focus; otherwise you will lose your balance and fall.  Spotting is a great analogy for life. 

Spotting reminds me of “Keeping my eyes on Jesus”.  Heb. 12:1, 2 “Let us . . . . fix our eyes on Jesus the author and perfecter of our faith”. This is one of the most important life lessons.

Spinning or turning is like trials, changes or pain in life, but if we can find our spot on Jesus then we can complete the turn with ease.  However, if we take our eyes off Jesus, we will lose our control.  Our balance will be dizzy and we will fall.  Keeping our eyes on Jesus keeps us focused in this life.   

Peter is a great example of this.  When he was walking on the water in the Bible, he took his eyes off Jesus and quickly lost his center. He fell into the water because he lost his “spot”.   Just as I am learning to keep my “spot” in dance, I want practice keeping my “spot” on Jesus.

So will you dance with me?  Will we live for Him?  Will we bring Him glory in all we do?

How will you keep your “spot” on Jesus this week?

Danika Young is fourteen years old and is the daughter of Bruce and Jeanna Young.  She is homeschooled and lives in Southern California. Not only is she a ballerina and a speech and debate enthusiast, she loves art, fashion and baking.  She placed in the finals and semi-finals in STOA speech competitions this year and hopes to continue competing next year.

Posted on June 7, 2016 and filed under Character and Virtue, Spiritual Growth.