Jackie's Journey "LOST...who? Don't Panic!!!"


“LOST…who?  Don’t Panic!!"

Our friends have a five-year-old Downs Syndrome boy who was having a fabulous time at Sea World.  In an instant his parents realized he had wandered off and in a panic they began to run in every direction, calling his name.  After a few minutes others joined in.  Finally, he was spotted…head to toe, wet and muddy…. running to his dad who scooped him up in relief and hugged him reassuringly!  Upon arriving home they tucked him into his warm bed and opened up his backpack…out popped the cutest little live penguin they had ever seen!! True story shared by Yvonne Foust  

We are sometimes like that little boy.  We see or hear something that captures our total attention.  We get caught up in the exciting moment and throw “caution to the wind”.  The “something” may not be bad, but it keeps us from following the best.  God has given our children a safety in times like these by giving them…us!  Parents carry the responsibility to protect IF our little ones learn to choose to stay close where mom and dad can see and hear them! 

Listening and obeying …especially when we are in new places…keeps us alert to danger!  When little ones disobey by slipping away where they cannot be heard or seen, they not only hurt themselves…they hurt others.  That little boy’s daddy and mommy were afraid because they love him.  That little boy had been in water somewhere and could have been hurt!  That little boy took something that was not his (baby penguin!).  That little boy made a bad decision on his own…without asking permission of his parents.  That little boy made it dangerous for the baby penguin… and himself! 

We need to stay under the “umbrella of protection”.   The umbrella keeps the rain and pain of life from hitting us and gives peace and protection IF we stay under its shelter.  When we choose NOT to listen and go off on our own, we walk out from under the umbrella and the protection is gone.

This, of course, is true for us as adults.

Our little ones can certainly identify with this little happy and excited boy

…I know, I can!

Understanding we have an authority in a sovereign God that promises to protect us, as we listen and obey, is a superior plan and renders our responsibility for our little ones full of hope and promise.  We know that “for those of us who through faith are shielded by God’s power” are in the safest Hands imaginable.  I Peter 1: 5

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