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Jackie's Journey "Be Careful What You Wish For"?

Another school shooting!  Numerous fatalities!  Can you believe that we live in a day when the world and our tumultuous culture are totally backward and upside down?  What was once considered foolish behavior is now considered acceptable conduct?  That acceptable behavior has produced overt rebellion, which has become the preferred response to life’s situations, over humility.  Bombings, bullies, road rage, militant marches, legalized drugs… need I go on…?

If you could make a difference and have whatever you wanted, which one of these would you choose?

Peace                                           Wealth                                        Knowledge

Friends                                       Long Life                                     Power

Honor                                          Fame                                           Happiness

Prestige                                      Popularity                                  Health

Security                                      Influence                                    Wisdom

Love                                            Achievement

Be careful what you wish for when you’re 20…you’ll have its fruit when you are 40!

One day God told a young man that he could have whatever he wanted. (I Kings 3: 5-15)  This young man “loved the Lord”.  He answered, “Give me, your servant, an understanding heart…that I may discern between good and bad.”  God was pleased with his request and not only gave him wisdom and understanding, but also, riches and honor!

While living in the jungles of Panama, we taught our two little girls to sing a great definition of wisdom.  It went like this: “Wisdom is seeing life’s situations from God’s point of view and learning to act in harmony with Him.  So be wise my son, heed my instructions, leave that road that leads to destruction, hollow my name, don’t walk in shame….” (IBYC)  Our good friends and fellow missionaries, John and Ruth Jenkins, put the words to music.   


Our two little songsters in typical Kuna Mola dresses!

We are such opinionated women…we must think we are wise!!  In a world that gives no credence to being wise, why is it important?  How do we know if we are wise women? Mothers?  Grandmothers?  I certainly don’t feel wise!

“Wisdom is the ability to see life from God’s perspective.  This means that we are able to take surface problems that we experience in life to their root cause and take the necessary steps to correct them.  Those lacking wisdom don’t see any connection between cause and effect of their problems and therefore don’t understand what they are stumbling over, or if they avoid problems…why they avoid them.

It takes wisdom to collect facts and knowledge to come to correct conclusions.  Never before have there been so many conflicting philosophies on how to live! Wisdom is seeing how God’s truths are universal and non-optional.  Every civilization and every individual will succeed or fail in direct relationship to how they follow those principles. 

Wisdom understands human nature and how it is opposed to God’s nature.  It is the ability to see how our natural inclinations are the direct opposite to the principles of life taught in His Word.

We think the way to greatness is by becoming a leader.  But God’s teaching is that, ‘He that will be greatest among you shall be your servant.’  Matt. 23: 11

We think that the way to gain independence and “be free” is to rebel and get out from under authority.  But God knows that true independence and honor come by getting under the protection of our authority.  ‘…Before honor is humility,’ Pro. 15:33

We think to get ahead it is wise to hide and cover our mistakes.  But God knows that ‘He that covers his sins will not prosper; but whoever confesses and forsakes them shall have mercy.’  Pro. 28: 13

We think that by dedicating our life to God we will lose it, when in reality we are losing our life if we try to keep it for ourselves.” (IBYC...emphasis added)     “For whosoever will save his life will lose it (in others!).  Matt. 16: 25

Would you consider yourself to be a wise woman?

What would your husband say?

Would your children call you a “wise” mom?

 Maybe you’re asking what Old Testament Job did.  “Where can wisdom be found? Where does it come from?  Where does understanding dwell?  Man does not comprehend its worth”!  Job 28:12    God said,  “He looked at wisdom and appraised it; He confirmed it and tested it” and then He gave to man in verse 28… the definition of wisdom! 


The fear of the Lord (the fear of the consequence of sin)…that is wisdom…

and shunning of evil is understanding (discerning between good and bad and making consistent right choices!)”  Job 28: 28


The world could use a little wisdom.

Just saying…


~Jackie Johnson - I am a former tribal missionary to the Kuna Indians on the Colombian border in Central America.  Fluent in several languages, my husband and I currently pastor a Spanish-speaking church in Southern California.  My passion is discipling and equipping dedicated young women for life, marriage, motherhood, and beyond. I am the mother of two daughters and the grandmother of three Princesses and four young Knights.