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The Day I Became a Princess

I'll never forget that moment frozen in time - the day I became a princess. Little girls dream about this their entire lives, and it was happening to me. I remember watching my television set as a little girl and seeing the crown placed upon the lucky contestant's head. It was magical to watch. Now, it was even more magical to experience.

I stood shaking with excitement trying to squat low enough for them to fasten the crown to my hair. Then suddenly it was on. I was crowned. I was a princess.

I remember the reporters and the flashbulbs. It almost seemed like a blur. I was officially a part of the Miss America program.

My local title meant that I would be traveling to compete in the Miss California pageant. There would be months of preparation ahead. Interview training, dress and swim suit fittings, voice lessons, and more! There was so much to do -- like graduate early from high school so I could make it to the pageant on time.

I was only seventeen. I had stars in my eyes. I had dreams in my head. What would it be like to win & get to be Miss America? What opportunities or doors would be open to me along the way? 

I had my eyes on the prize - a crown!

The Miss California pageant came and went - and I returned home with my same crown. Still a princess, but no new title. I got to enjoy another year of parades, opening days, and events - all dressed as a princess.

I remember the night I crowned my successor. I still got to keep my own crown - in a box at home. The crown no longer held the same meaning as it had on that first night. It no longer had a title tied to it. It didn't have the promise of the future I had dreamed of. 

Fast forward to today.

I have my own little princesses running around. They love looking at pictures of mommy with her fancy crown. I still haven't climbed up in the garage to pull out my old crown. Last time I looked in the box, it was pretty tarnished and dusty.

They say hindsight is 20/20. Wow, do I agree! 

Now, I realize that I am still pursuing a crown. However, the crown I'm after is not one that will ever grow old or tarnish. This crown is eternal and more valuable than any crown ever made (even the real crowns worn by real princesses).

My crown is in Christ! My eyes are on Him! As I watch my little ones dance around and giggle about wanting to be princesses someday, I remind myself that they already are. We are daughters of the one true King. He has a crown waiting for us in heaven. Now, I just have to be sure that I am not only keeping my eyes on that crown, but teaching my girls (and boys) to do the same.

"Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day..."

2 Timothy 4:8 

*See the video I made of our girls' princess party & how I used The Princess Parable's Book: Princess Joy's Birthday Blessing HERE!

Kristi Clover is homeschool mom of five blessings ranging from teens to tots. She spends most of her days watching over her "castle" and attending to the needs of her loyal subjects. She is married to her Prince Charming and resides in southern California. She records her royal adventure in motherhood at You can also find her at YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, & Periscope as @RaisingClovers!